Simulation credit conso – Simulator pret conso.


The Credhiter provides consumer credit simulation tools to help you better estimate the credit you can claim. These simulators allow you to study the economic feasibility of project voting: evaluation of the borrowing capacity, the annual percentage rate of charge (APR), your debt ratio, the amount of your monthly payments.


If you are thinking of buying a vehicle or doing work, we also provide you with simulation tools ready to calculate your monthly car credit or credit work.

Most used by our users Personal loan simulation Simulate the monthly payments of your future personal loan. Auto credit simulation Need a vehicle? Simulate your car loan and calculate its monthly payment. Consumable buying capacity How much can you borrow and invest in your project conso? Simulation Loan Works How much will you repay per month for your future work loan? Other simulation tools to prepare my project: Calculation GEAT Calculate the APR of your consumer credit to get an idea of ​​its total cost. Simulation debt ratio Evaluate your debt level before subscribing to your consumer loan.

Why do a simulation credit conso?

Why do a simulation credit conso?

The objective is to simulate your borrowing possibilities, better understand your project and optimize your application to increase your chances of obtaining the best terms from a credit agency. The use of these simulator credit conso costs you nothing, it is free, simple and without commitment.

What are the loan simulation tools made available by the Credhiter?

What are the loan simulation tools made available by the Credhiter?

Our credit-based simulation tools allow you to calculate your borrowing capacity, your APR, your debt ratio and your future consumer credit payments.

For example, you can use the borrowing capacity and debt ratio simulations before applying for consumer credit with your banker. The first evaluates the maximum amount you can borrow. For this, you must indicate your type of project (auto credit, motorcycle credit, credit works, personal loan), the amount of your monthly repayments, the duration of the credit and the interest rate.

As for the simulation of debt ratio, it assesses the share of your expenses in relation to your income. You just have to indicate your income (wages, bonuses.) and your expenses (rents, monthly payments of credit conso, alimony).

You can also use the calculators after a first interview with an advisor, before he sends you the loan offer. For example, the simulator annual percentage rate (APR) calculates the true cost of a consumer credit. You must enter the borrowed capital, the duration of the credit, your fixed annual lending rate, the amount of the fees and possibly the insurance rate. The results obtained tell you the monthly payment, the borrower insurance, the monthly payment with insurance, the total amount of the credit and the fixed APR.

In the same vein, you can calculate your future monthly payments by entering the type of project, the amount of the loan, the duration of the credit in months and the annual percentage rate of charge (APR). Declining versions of this calculator are provided for borrowers considering taking out a work credit or a car loan. Feel free to use each of these simulations credit conso to master all aspects of your project.


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