Get behind the scenes of a credit buyback

In close collaboration with the largest banks in the market, the credit broker negotiates the best offer for its clients in search of the best proposal. Better understand the work of an intermediary in banking operations!

How does your expert credit restructuring consultant lead your case? Find out what is the internal processing process for a loan consolidation file!

In-depth analysis of the client file

In-depth analysis of the client file

Your Roy Hobbs counselor Roy Hobbs has a duty to advise individuals seeking a rehe solution. Any proposal made must be in the interest of the client(s) first and foremost.

The in-depth analysis of a loan pooling file by an expert advisor makes it possible to assess upstream whether a financial package is possible, and to the benefit of the applicant(s). This part of the instruction determines the profile of the subscriber(s).

According to the borrower profile(s) previously obtained by different financial ratios (debt before and after operation of the household, remains to be lived per person, maintenance of bank accounts, repayment period, etc.), the file is transmitted for study to a selection of banking partners.

Mandated by the largest banks specializing in credit redemption, He puts your record in competition in order to make you benefit from the best offer of the moment for a group of credit at the best rate!

Processing a credit surrender file

Processing a credit surrender file

In order to enable the client file (s) to be processed by a bank specializing in the redemption of loans, your loan restructuring broker transmits the information to its banking partners. A file properly tied and a file quickly processed and finalized!

A first computer filter that scores the file according to the standards of acceptance of the lender. A step of the instruction needed to determine if the client file(s) is pre-accepted or denied.

Scoring is an entry of information about budget-oriented customer demand(s) (income/expenses and expenses), as well as the type of housing occupied (owner or tenant), etc. This is the preliminary data of the file.

Then comes the step of taking charge of the file by a financial analyst. One or more requests for additional information or supporting documents may be issued by the bank analyst. This allows him a better understanding of the client file(s).

The final step is once the investigation is complete to present the file to the Commitments Committee for decision. If he refuses, the file stops there. On the other hand, if the file obtains a favorable opinion, then the bank proceeds to the edition of the loan aggregation offer.

The borrowers receive the offer of repurchase of credits at their home in order to be able to take note of it. Once the reflection period has passed, the offer can be returned to the bank.

Be careful, the funds are managed exclusively by the lender. It is the credit buyback organization that reimburses your previous creditors. In any case, the borrowers can not collect the total payment of the he on their account to proceed themselves to the repayment of the receivables to be paid.



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